Meet Our Professional Staff of Martial Arts Instructors

Sensei Brent Murakami

–Owner/Chief Instructor

Sensei Brent started studying martial arts with the United Studios of Self Defense at the tender age of seven and has continued his training for over 20 years.  He presently holds the rank of 3rd degree Black Belt in Shaolin Kenpo.  He is uniquely skilled in several areas of the martial arts including Shaloin Kung Fu, Muai Thai kickboxing, American boxing, judo, wrestling and Brazilian jiu Jitsu.  He has also specialized in both Japanese and Chinese weaponry; weapons range from spears, swords, nun chucks, bo staff and the three sectional staff among others.

Sensei Brent graduated with a BS from the University of Southern California’s USC Marshall School of Business.  After working for a few years in the business industry, he again returned to his major passion; namely, the martial arts.  He has now shared this love of teaching for the past ten years.  His enthusiasm for the art can be seen in each and every class he teaches; he teaches full-time, six days a week and welcomes students of all ages.