Kempo Punch Techniques

Reverse Hammer Back Fist (A)

  • Box step in and execute #3 block;
  • Right reverse hammer to groin;
  • Right backfist to face Kiai!

Three Punches (B)

  • Right half-moon back with #2 block;
  • Right front two knuckle punch to face;
  • Left front two knuckle to solar;
  • Right front two knuckle groin. Kiai!

Yield and attack (C)

  • Right half moon back while executing #2 knife hand block;
  • Grab wrist;
  • Right front ball kick to solar;
  • Land forward as you pull opponents into right forearm strike into face. Kiai!

Dragon Spins (D)

  • Inverted box step away as you execute #4 block;
  • Sun step back 180 degrees keeping your back close to the opponent;
  • Right rear elbow to opponents back;
  • Pivot forward on the right foot until you are facing opponents back while delivering left shuto to spine Kiai!
  • (Advanced/Alternate Ending) Follow the five steps above;
  • Left foot steps away from opponent while delivering right side blade kick to the back of opponent’s knee Kiai!
  • Cross out with hands on guard.
  • (Advanced/Alternate Ending) Follow first two steps of Dragon Spins;
  • Right elbow to back of opponent’s neck;
  • Wrap opponent’s right arm with your left arm;
  • Right arm hooks opponent’s throat;
  • Pull together, breaking opponents arm;
  • Remove left arm;
  • Pull opponent around and take down using right arm around opponent’s throat

Two Hand Palm Strike (E)

  • Left foot half-moons forward with #2 block;
  • Right thrust punch to solar;
  • Left thrust punch to solar;
  • Right palm Strike to nose;
  • Grab opponent’s hair, Right rising knee to opponent’s face Kiai!

Three Rakes (F)

  • Right half-moon back as you execute #2 knife hand block:
  • Right front ball kick to solar plexus;
  • Land forward;
  • Rakes face three times: Right Left Right Kiai!

Tiger Grabs (G)

  • #4 block as you pivot back on left foot;
  • Left hand grabs wrist;
  • Left side blade kick to ribs;
  • As you land, deliver right thrust punch to the temple;
  • Follow with right cross hand shuto to the neck/throat Kiai!

Three Strikes (H)

  • Ducking the punch, right half moon to the outside of the opponent;
  • Right back two knuckle punch to temple;
  • Right reverse hammer to kidney
  • Right circular ridge hand strike to groin Kiai!

Corkscrew (I)

  • Assume horse stance left foot half-moons forward with #2 block;
  • Execute left front toe knuckle punch to the face;
  • Left hand wraps the opponent’s head then execute right roundhouse elbow to head;
  • Right hand hooks around the right side of the opponent’s neck;
  • Pull the opponent down to right rising knee to solar plexus Kiai!

Tiger Pounces (J)

  • Step back as you draw into left cat stance, executing right downward palm block;
  • Right Tigers Claw to face (breaking nose & Raking face);
  • Left ridge hand to back of head (doubling them over)
  • Right downward elbow to the back of the neck Kiai!

Two Thrust Rip (K)

  • Left half moon forward as you execute #2 block;
  • Right thrust punch to solar;
  • Left thrust punch to solar,
  • Right tigers claw to groin;
  • Rip groin & immediately follow with shuto to same target Kiai!

Five Hands (L)

  • Step back & draw into left cat stance;
  • Execute left Iron Fortress bock;
  • Spring forward with left foot as you deliver left palm strike to face;
  • Right back two knuckle punch to solar left cross hand shuto to throat right palm strike to face; left ridge hand to temple followed with right chicken wrist to temple with Kiai!

Deflecting Palm (M)

  • Draw into left cat stance as you execute left palm block across the body;
  • Left front ball kick to the ribs;
  • As you land execute right palm strike to the solar plexus;
  • Right Tigers Mouth to the throat;
  • Left driving palm through temple and pull right hand behind right ear as you stick your chest out breaking the arm Kiai!

Drop and Kick (N)

  • Right box step as you execute #3 block;
  • Right chicken wrist to the face;
  • Right hand grabs arm and right side blade kick to ribs;
  • Turn your back to opponent & left back kick to solar;
  • Place hands on the ground & kick legs out in a “V”, opponent is between;
  • Roll to your right as you execute a scissors leg take down (right high left low);
  • Continue rolling over & execute left downward instep kick to head Kiai!

Double Hammer (O)

  • Left half-moon as you execute overhead cross-hand block;
  • Double hammer strikes to spine & solar plexus;
  • Right hand grabs back of opponents neck and pulls down
  • Right rising knee to the solar plexus;
  • As you land , left downward elbow to the spine;
  • Left hand reaches around the head & grabs the chin;
  • Pull chin back as left foot step out 180 degrees;
  • Right shuto to heart Kiai!

Crescent Backfist Palm (P)

  • Right half moon back as you deliver left knife hand block;
  • Right crescent kick to the face;
  • Right whipping backfist to the temple;
  • Left palm strike to face Kiai!

Hook Kick (Q)

  • Right half-moon back as you execute #2 knife hand block;
  • Left hand grabs wrist;
  • Right Leopards Paw to shoulder joint as the right foot steps under arm;
  • Left hook kick to solar;
  • Left foot lands;
  • Right foot hocks opponent’s leg with backward sweeping motion as left hand pulls arm;
  • Execute wrist lock on fallen opponent;
  • Pull arm as you step on ribs with right heel Kiai!

Rolling Shutos (R)

  • Draw into left Cat stance as you execute #8 knife hand block;
  • Spring forward & execute right rolling shuto to the collar bone;
  • Left cross hand shuto to the throat;
  • Right driving shuto to face Kiai!

6 Hand Kempo (S)

  • Step in as double knife-hand block to wrist & bicep;
  • Right back hand to face;
  • Pivot right as left palm strike to face, extending fingers into the eyes;
  • Right back to knuckle to solar;
  • Left cross hand shuto to nekc, reach around back of neck with left hand (soft crane), bringing the head down;
  • Right shuto to back of the neck;
  • Right side blade kick to head Kiai!

Black Tiger (T)

  • Assume horse stance, left foot hinges in to a horse stance facing the 1:30 with a #1 knife hand block and simultaneous left palm to temple;
  • Right hand circles to do a left palm to opponent’s groin;
  • Right hand comes up Tiger’s Mouth the throat;
  • Right foot steps behind the opponent so that you are facing the back, left rake overhead to face
  • Right foot steps back with right simultaneous rake overhead to face;
  • Left back kick to spine Kiai!

Roundhouse Wrap (U)

  • Right foot half-moons back with number 2 knife hand block;
  • Grab arm;
  • Right roundhouse kick to solar plexus;
  • Land in a left half moon stance facing 9 00 with a right roundhouse elbow to the temple;
  • Right side elbow to the opponent’s right temple;
  • Put opponent into a right guillotine headlock;
  • Left knee to ribs Kiai!

8 Hands (V)

  • Right foot hinges forward with a knife hand block to the wrist and a hammer strike to the bicep;
  • Grab opponent’s right wrist;
  • Right rising elbow to bicep;
  • Right cross hand to neck;
  • Left roundhouse elbow to the temple;
  • Right back two knuckle to solar plexus (left hand goes up to right ear);
  • Left cross hand shuto to the neck;
  • Pivot and deliver right shuto to neck;
  • Right reverse hammer to groin with a check high but the right temple;
  • Right side thrust kick to right knee Kiai!

Wing Block (W)

  • Right foot hinges back as left arm wing blocks;
  • Left cross hand shuto to throat;
  • Right glancing leopard paw to face;
  • Right arms reaches around the head into a front head lock;
  • Left foot pivots counter clockwise breaking the neck as the right hand drives upward (John Travolta) Kiai!

Power Crane (X)

  • Left foot half moons back with a number 2 knife hand block;
  • Right roundhouse kick to solar plexus;
  • Right foot land behind opponent’s right foot (hip to hip);
  • Right ridge hand to chest with right leg hock;
  • Right backfist to solar;
  • Left palm strike to solar;
  • Right palm to face Kiai!

Angry Tiger (Y)

  • Left foot steps in with open-handed, double overhead cross block;
  • Double shutos to neck;
  • Head butt;
  • Right supported roundhouse elbow to temple;
  • Left foot steps away with circular hammer to groin,
  • Right inverted rising elbow;
  • Scoop kick to groin Kiai!

Slashing Blades (Z)

  • Right foot steps into left half moon stance facing 9 00 with crossing knife hand blocks
  • (in the shape of an X);
  • Left hand grabs opponent’s wrist with right downward sword strike to collar bone;
  • Right thrust punch to solar plexus;
  • Right arm breaks opponent’s right arm with rising ridge hand to elbow;
  • Carry opponent’s right arm over to a dragon trap on the right side;
  • Right instep kick to face of bent over opponent;
  • Right hand slides up to opponent’s wrist while left hand does a palm to the temple;
  • Right supported elbow strike to the temple;
  • Throw opponent to your left using their head in between your elbow strike and the supporting hand;
  • Right spinning axe kick to face Kiai!